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3 Ways to Stay Sane at Work

Greg and Antonia started the Self Health Institute 25 years ago. The institute started from a passion to integrate whole health with the workplace. They work with individuals to heal blocks that prevent them from reaching their whole potential. After years of working with many people to address consistent issues that modern medicine could not treat, such as consistent headaches or pains, they came to the realization that much of the discomfort and pains experienced by people were created by things that were going on behind the scenes, in their brains.

“Once you clear the bodies of those energetic blocks, then your neurological processes can take over. You can start getting rid of the negative thought patterns that you’ve had in the past.”

One foundation of their treatment program is called Core Talk, where you literally ask the body questions. The foundation is based on applied kinesiology, or muscle-testing, where essentially, you ask your body yes or no questions. Once you’ve identified the issue, you can treat it. Clearing this out lets you focus more on you without being stuck on the past or worrying about your future.

“Once a problem disappears in your life and you get back to where things are easier, you don’t remember the way it was.”

Another program they offer is specific to entrepreneurs to get past blocks to help reach their goals. The result? Many people feel lighter and able to move forward faster. After working in the Silicon Valley, both Antonia and Greg came to health after realizing that traditional medical methods could not provide all the answers to questions that they had about their own ailments. Medicine is based on fixing an issue, but does not do well when it comes to helping individuals live better lives and make better decisions about how to take care of themselves.

Greg and Antonia provided 3 Ways to Stay Sane at Work

  1. Control what you can. In the craziness of the moment, take a healing breath. In that breath, think about how you feel. Ask yourself if you are present. This is something that different cultures for thousands of years have already realized, but according to Greg, is something that every generation must learn for themselves.
  2. Be right here, right now. According to Antonia, this means being able to control yourself in situations where everything else is not controllable. Be present. Don’t worry about the past or stress about the future. Being right here, right now allows you to give responses that are true to you rather than reacting to the situation. “It brings so much value to the workplace. You are in the moment and able to hear what people are saying.”
  3. Watch out for other people’s sticky energy. This has to do with manipulation. It allows you to recognize when other people are trying to manipulate your reactions or feelings. This happens both consciously and unconsciously. Being able to recognize sticky energy helps cut through passive conversations, so you can fully understand what other people want. One way to do this is to respond by saying, “Let me explain what I think you are asking me”. This helps you to understand if there is an ulterior motive to what the other person wants and allows you to refine the perception of the relationship that you have.

Antonia and Greg can be reached at or on their Facebook page. You can also download a quick lesson at 

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