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7 Habits of Highly Successful Job Seekers

Do you know those people who manage to never stay unemployed for very long or can transition from one job to the next with ease? You may be wondering if they have an influx of good karma or a higher power working in their favor… but in reality, it’s likely strong habits that many successful job seekers share. We’ve highlighted seven habits you should adopt to help your job search become more successful. 

Habit #1: Tailors their Resume to Fit the Job

The successful job seeker doesn’t have just one version of their resume – they have several! Using one comprehensive resume as their starting point, a successful job seeker will edit the resume based on the job description of the role they’re applying for.

For example, let’s say you’re applying for an Administrative Assistant role that involves heavy calendar management, creating PowerPoint presentations, meeting room setup / breakdown, etc. Which do you start with? Lead with the responsibilities that are most relevant to the job you want If the role requires scheduling, make sure that you list your experience with calendar management and supporting management and leadership teams first. On average, your resume has six seconds to capture a recruiter or hiring manager’s attention, so always lead strong.

Remove irrelevant information and restate your responsibilities to match keywords found in the job description. Aligning your resume with their job duties shows that you were thoughtful enough to read through the posting (instead of applying to positions in bulk).

Habit #2: Doesn’t Solely Rely on Crawler Sites (Indeed, Monster etc…)

Don’t get me wrong – I love Indeed. In fact, we use Indeed to regularly display our open positions. They do a great job of scouring the internet for job postings and putting them on their website (hence the term ‘crawler site’); however, crawler sites aren’t perfect, and may miss jobs here and there.

Our Recruiting Manager, Kelli Whitecar believes that “a successful job seeker should be checking company websites’ career pages to make sure they’re seeing every job, including ones crawler sites may miss. If you don’t already have a short-list of companies you’d like to work for, you can utilize lists like Washington’s 100 Best Companies or Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work to give you some ideas.”

Habit #3: Develops a Personal Brand

On the surface, you may not see the need for a personal brand. Aren’t brands something specifically reserved for companies? Think again! A personal brand helps you manage your own reputation – both in the digital world and the real world.

 While building a personal brand is not an easy task, The Muse alerted us to a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) tool – the Your Personal Brand Workbook – to help you. Through the interactive, downloadable tool, you can build a brand step-by-step, making it a much less intimidating process. In the end, personal brands are what make successful job seekers stick out in a sea of applicants. Dedicate some time to developing one now to enhance your career in the long run.

Habit #4: Utilizes LinkedIn & Has a Robust Profile

If you’re not on LinkedIn, you really need to be. Recruiters and hiring managers are there, so successful job seekers know it’s important to join the LinkedIn Party. Start by building out your profile, kicking it off with a great photo and a strong introduction summary that ties in with your personal brand. Fill out the entire profile – and include relevant details about your previous work experiences, not just titles and dates. The more robust your profile, the more you’ll be noticed.

Once your profile is built, don’t just leave it sitting to collect dust – use it! There are plenty of ways to build a network on LinkedIn and truly utilize everything the site can offer. You can easily share content, engage in discourse, introduce relevant connections to each other, join industry-related groups, and write/receive recommendations. It’s easy to build a network if you take a few minutes each day (or even just a few times a week) to log in and join the conversation.

Habit #5: Knows their Worth in the Market

Especially in fast-moving, candidate-driven markets like Seattle, it’s important to know your worth as a professional. Based on Seattle’s cost of living, paired with your experience and education, what should you be making in this market? Glassdoor’s Salary Index is a helpful resource for salary information, but if you’re still unsure, talk to your recruiter. A good recruiter should help you calculate your worth based on their knowledge of the market and what other candidates of the same caliber are making and expecting.

Habit #6: Utilizes their Network

“I found a job at my last three employers solely through who I knew. Having and maintaining that robust network helped me find opportunities three times in my career. Honestly? I think it’s a mistake for a job seeker to make building and fostering their professional network an afterthought,” explains Kelli.

Here’s the kicker – once you find a job, don’t just neglect your network. Much like a garden, keeping your network requires regular maintenance. LinkedIn, as we mentioned above, is a great way to keep in touch and foster those relationships. Outside of that, an occasional email, phone call, or happy hour get-together wouldn’t hurt either. They’re all great ways to continue to build those relationships long after you’ve started a new role. That way, if you ever find yourself looking for work again, your blooming network will be eager to help you!

Habit #7: Works with Multiple Staffing Firms

There are numerous benefits to working with a staffing firm – including better access to hiring managers and resume/interview coaching from recruiters… but we bet you never thought you’d hear a temp agency urging you to use other staffing companies, too!

We’re firm believers in utilizing as many resources as are available to you. If this means working with three or four firms that specialize in the types of roles you want, then so be it! Odds are, we work with companies and hiring managers that other recruiting agencies don’t, and vice versa. By working with all of us, you get access to more! More job opportunities, more hiring managers, more companies hiring in the Seattle area – what’s not to like about that?


We’ve been putting people to work in the Seattle area for over 38 years, so we know our stuff. Our experienced recruiters are all about establishing partnerships with candidates, and are all too eager to help you pave the way to your career goals. Whether short-term, long-term, or permanent roles, we can help you land a job you love.

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