Amanda Shafer

Experience Manager


How I Help You

Hi, I’m Amanda and I love helping people! But, saying I help people is like saying cookies taste good. I believe the perfect recipe for memorable experiences should include a dash of authentic conversations and a pinch of empathy during a digitally driven era. Whether it’s assisting in building resumes, preparing candidates for interviews, connecting with people across the world, building partnerships, and supporting DEI-friendly practices, I do it for the people! So,… how can I help you today?

A Short Bio

Washington born and raised, I’m all organic and first of my name in the famiglia. Over here in my nest in the woods, I’ve got two kids, a wonderful husband, a fluffy white dog, and soon to be adding a sassy grandma horse to our little flock—a 25-year-old Saddlebred mare with an “I do what I want” attitude. I love video games and I’ve surpassed my allotted screen time, as my parents would say, playing on my Switch and PS5 (I’m a big fan of RPGs and sandbox games, in case anyone was wondering).  I’m clearly a very fun person, so feel free to connect with me through LinkedIn!

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