Amanda Shafer

Experience Manager


How I Help You

Hi, I’m Amanda and I love helping people! But, saying I help people is like saying cookies taste good. I believe the perfect recipe for memorable experiences should include a dash of authentic conversations and a pinch of empathy during a digitally driven era. Whether it’s assisting in building resumes, preparing candidates for interviews, connecting with people across the world, building partnerships, and supporting DEI-friendly practices, I do it for the people! So,… how can I help you today?

A Short Bio

My true, authentic self is defined by my creativity. It stems from a healthy combination of my Neurodivergent superpowers mixed with an overactive imagination and my sparkling sense of humor. When I’m not creating, you’ll find me rockhounding across the West Coast (when we meet, ask me about the agate I uncovered on my search for the Ellensburg Blues).

It’s a toss-up who found who first, but when I joined Parker Staffing back in August of 2021, I knew right away that I had found my forever career home. On the side, I’ve dedicated my time to creating Neurodivergent-friendly career building programs that help individuals receive the right accommodations during the hiring process and educate employers on how to create a safe and healthy space for some of the most outstanding human beings.

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