Brian Sargeant

Senior Recruiting Account Manager


How I help you

I am a highly analytical, quick-thinking business professional who can relate well to people and their needs. Bringing years of recruiting and sales experience serving both external and internal clients has afforded me long-lasting relationships both professionally and personally. I seek to make an impact by listening and understanding my client’s needs and delivering above and beyond expectations. I am very interested in what makes people tick and always enjoy an opportunity to expand my knowledge of professional and personal interactions.

A short bio

I was born and raised in the great state of Texas in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where I spent most of my life. I lived in Anchorage, Alaska and Houston, Texas over the last 7 years and it was some of the best years of my life. I graduated from Columbia Southern University with a bachelor’s degree in Business with an emphasis in Sports Management. I am really big into sports and enjoyed playing football, golf, and basketball throughout my years in school. I like to get out on the weekends and play a round of golf whenever I can and enjoy the weather!

Outside of work, I am always trying new food both in my own kitchen and in restaurants. I am an avid reader, podcast lover, board and video gamer, and huge movie buff.

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