Danica Bryant

Operations & Compliance Manager


How I Help You

As the Operations and Compliance Manager, I’m here to answer any questions you may have or connect you with the right Parker representative. With my background at a university career office and a Psychology degree, I’m motivated to help candidates grow in their career development by providing the tools and guidance needed to succeed in their assignments.

At Parker, the candidate comes first so I’m here to help you have a positive experience. I can assist you with questions about your on-boarding process, time sheets, benefits, etc. I’ll be checking in with you throughout your assignment to see how it’s going and how I may support you. I’m always happy to help so please let me know how I can help you be successful in your assignment.

A Short Bio

I moved to Washington from Anchorage, Alaska in August 2019 and I’m excited to live near and work in a big city! My Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) and 11+ years of working at the UAA career office sparked my passion to help candidates.

Outside of work, I enjoy attending MLS soccer games, going to music festivals, and trying new restaurants. When I want to stay inside, I like reading a good mystery novel. When the weather is nice, I like hiking with my husband and teaching our two dogs new tricks at the dog park.

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