Haley Ritter

Business Development Associate


How I help you

I am passionate about being authentic and genuine. I believe that if you show up every day with integrity and willingness, you will always be prepared to be successful. This ideology has allowed me to build lasting relationships by putting other’s first and delivering exemplary customer service. My extroverted personality, strong communication skills, and passion for empowering others allows me to thrive in the Staffing Industry because people are the driving force of our business. Working with Parker Staffing is deeply rewarding to me because I get to see first-hand the difference that we are making by not only putting people to work, but also filling positions so that Seattle businesses and beyond can continue to grow and be successful.

A brief bio

The Pacific Northwest has always been my home, and although I’ve traveled a decent amount, I have never found an area that I hold as close to my heart as I do Washington. I deeply care about our beautifully diverse community, and it has always been a dream of mine to contribute to making a difference here. As a Sales Assistant at Parker Staffing, I am living out my dream by supporting our sales team and getting the opportunity to interact with many new people daily. I committed to growing as a person and I am willing to step out of my comfort zone to obtain success for our customers.

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