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We’re Highlighting Parker’s Maggie Colvin on Administrative Professionals Day!

Today is Administrative Professionals Day, and at this moment, we wanted to say thank you to all of our administrative professionals in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond – and beyond. Your support, professionalism, and can-do attitudes are what keep our clients moving instead of sweating the small stuff. Just know that you are truly appreciated, not just by our clients, but by every single staff member here at Parker.

In the spirit of the holiday, we wanted to interview one of our many administrative professionals in Seattle. Meet Parker Contractor, Maggie Colvin, who spends her weekdays working with Privateer Holdings as a Front Office Coordinator / Receptionist in Downtown Seattle. She offered us an inside look into her career move from retail to corporate work, advice for young professionals, and what her day-to-day looks like as an administrative professional.

// Hi Maggie, and Happy Administrative Professionals Day to you! Let’s kick this off with a discussion about your first corporate job. We know that at one point in your career, you moved from being in the retail industry into a corporate role. Any advice to someone in a similar position looking to make that leap?

I would say that you will get asked why you’re looking at different roles and how your experience in retail will help you in a corporate role. You have to be able to speak to that. I have answers prepared for these types of questions because I’ve been asked many times why I want to transition. Having the ability to “sell” yourself and your skillset is a key component of success in the corporate world.  A resume will get you in the door but being prepared for these kinds of questions in an interview is a step towards getting the job!

// Solid advice! Can you tell us a little bit about the role you were placed into by Parker?

I am currently in a temporary role as a receptionist/front office coordinator in Seattle. I greet guests as they arrive, sign for packages, distribute mail and keep the office and kitchen clean and well stocked. You could say I’m the gatekeeper for the office!

// We’d like to think of you as an office superhero! So, how did you come across Parker? Can you describe what the process working with Parker was like?

I actually know someone who works at Parker. I met her last summer and we discussed what I was looking for. I didn’t end up using Parker at that time but fast forward to now and the process was seamless.

// That’s great! We love to see long-term connections work out like that. So now that you’ve been getting the feel for working at Privateer, what are some of your favorite things about your new job?

I get to talk to everyone in the office as I do a lot of different things. I also get to be up and moving completing tasks and special projects which I really enjoy. I’m learning a lot working with different departments in the office and building my skill set for future positions.

// We’re so happy knowing that your experience with Privateer is really shaping the future of your career. Any advice you can share with other job seekers? What kept you motivated during your job search?

Don’t give up! I started my professional career with a bang and moved into another job almost effortlessly. After that, it was a bit different. I thought my experience would help me get more calls and interviews but I was wrong. I stayed motivated by talking to people I knew in jobs I found interesting and getting their advice and perspective. I also reached out to a lot of different people I knew in the professional world whose opinions I respect and asked their advice.

I would advise job-seekers to never believe you’re above a certain job. That is key as a young professional! You have to be proactive and go after what you want! If the company you want to work for isn’t hiring, send them your resume anyway with a blurb about what you can do for them.

// Thanks for sharing your experience with us and your fellow (and future) Parker contractors. We’re certainly glad it was a positive one! Now, let’s move on to some lighthearted questions in today’s lightning round:

  • Newspaper: News Section or Lifestyle – Lifestyle 
  • Culture: Internet or magazine – Internet, it’s so easy!
  • Commute: Bus or Drive – Bus
  • Books: Non-fiction or fiction – Fiction!
  • Pets: Cats or Dogs – Dogs

Thanks for speaking with us, Maggie, and again Happy Administrative Professionals Day to you & all of our other stellar administrative professionals in the Puget Sound!

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