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Admins on Demand – Making Remote Work, Work

On Board and Ready to Go.

Remote I-9s, shipping equipment, and out-of-state background checks should be a simple, streamlined process. Once you make your hire, a start will never be delayed due to a lackluster onboarding process.

Hiring, Streamlined.

Our Admins on Demand associates are vetted to ensure they have the proper workspace and technology to properly support your office, remotely. If someone can’t start right away, we won’t send them.

Contract Employees, Managed.

We handle the interviewing, hiring, and selection, but we also handle paid sick leave tracking, timecards, performance/coaching, and overtime management of our associates – so you can focus on your own employees.

No Time to Waste.

Parker Staffing pioneered the virtual temp interview; we have been interviewing fully virtually since 2015 and even presented our process at the American Staffing Association’s Staffing World Conference in 2017. We’ve done thousands since then. We’ve perfected the process to ensure that your interview goes off without a hitch. 

We handle hiring, so you can handle your business. Reach out to Parker today to see how we can partner to successfully staff your remote hiring needs. 

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