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An Interview with our CEO, Debbie Crandall

“Pay attention to your accomplishments…Embrace your own, unique persona.”

Our CEO, Debbie Crandall, was recently featured in an interview with MillionaireGirlsMovement.Com. In the post, she talks about how she came to be CEO of Parker and gives a little history about our company, as well as some advice to women on what it takes to run your own company. 

We’re very proud of Debbie! In the interview, she goes on to list four things a woman needs to have in her toolbox to be successful: 

#1: A thick skin. It’s a good thing. You need to balance it with the feminine side of you – a thick skin with a soft hand. That’s the differentiator between men and women.

#2: A financial background. I did not have one when I got into business, and it held me back for a while. When I saw that it was holding me back I stopped and said, “Ok, you have to learn this stuff.” So I did.

#3: To have the ability to come in every single day feeling great. Looking at the glass half full, and if it’s not half full figuring out how it’s going to get there in a short amount of time. 

#4: Humility. A leader has to have a sense of humility about them. It goes with looking inward. What part in a situation are you playing? Sometimes you have to step up and apologize.

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