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The Key to Attracting Talented Professionals in the Seattle Job Market

As a staffing company, we often find ourselves right in the thick of the region’s shortage in hiring talent. We’ve seen job seekers make the transition from asking “how much does this pay?” to “tell me why I should work there.”

One great example of seeing this in action is the tech industry. Though we don’t hire programmers or IT professionals, we do work with some leading technology companies for their administrative needs. More often than not, our candidates (especially those in the millennial generation) are concerned with and ask more questions about the work environment and the meaning behind their work. As this great article by the Seattle Times shows, just taking a quick peek into the world of tech companies shows that the thing that sets one business apart from another is culture.

With pay and benefits nearly equal, companies in the technology industry have to compete on three primary areas:

  1. Culture
  2. The uniqueness of the product
  3. The ability of the individual to make an impact on the product. 


Directness & Transparency Help with Attracting Talented Professionals

Companies that use culture as the starting point in hiring make it clear from the start what the applicant is getting into. If they don’t offer the highest pay, they tell that to applicants right away. Companies that are successful in hiring also let their potential employees know how the work is actually done within the company. That is to say, are they a collaborative team? How do they allow for experiments? They go out of their way to let potential employees know how they will be managed to goals.

Something to Consider Before You Hire

Before hiring for your open position, see if you can provide compelling answers to the points above (culture, uniqueness, impact). By borrowing some of the strategies being employed by the highly competitive tech field, you may find your own organization gaining an edge when it comes to staffing and attracting talented professionals. 

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