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Becoming Empowered and Indispensable

For Margaret Smith, becoming an empowered and indispensable individual meant being able to not only recognize opportunities, but finding herself in a position to take them.

“You have to learn every aspect of your job – and then go beyond that. Being indispensable is not only a benefit to your coworkers, but also for yourself!” This attitude not only helped Margaret survive and stay with her company through three economic downturns, but it also gave her the skills and confidence to eventually venture out on her own.

“Asking questions is the best tool in my toolbox that I’ve ever had in my life.”

Her newest venture, “I Love It When”, aims to help individuals grow professionally through coaching and retreats, is a great example of blending the skills she’s acquired throughout her career. Uncomfortable with talking to strangers? She started a podcast. Afraid of rejection? Learn how to successfully negotiate a raise. Want to expand the boundaries of your job focus? Offer to help other people with theirs. Essentially, become indispensable to the people you surround yourself with. “Asking questions is the best tool in my toolbox that I’ve ever had in my life.”

As far how, she points to an area many are uncomfortable with – operating in discomfort. “The more that I’ve learned about myself and put myself in uncomfortable areas, the more I’ve learned about what I’m good at and capable of.” Once you’ve learned of your own limitations, you become aware of what areas you need to improve on. “Once you start working on yourself, you can’t stop.”

“Once you start working on yourself, you can’t stop.”

For those who want to start learning how to empower themselves, her first recommendation is to start asking questions and pay attention to the responses. Only when you are engaged in asking questions and listening to the answers can you find out what gets people excited and passionate. You could also work to empower other people around you with specific compliments.  Really think about the person and what they did that was helpful in your compliment. Create an authentic relationship.

We covered a lot of ground in our conversation with Margaret – including more about becoming indispensable, empowerment, and tips on negotiating that she’s picked up along the way – check our the full interview below! In addition, you can hear some awesome news about her PNW Operations Retreat, which will soon be open to admins outside of the real estate realm!

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