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Resolutions You Can Make in 2016 to Prepare You for the Next 5 Years

In just a couple of short days, the ball will drop and with it 2016 will officially arrive in the Puget Sound, kicking off another round of New Year’s resolutions. Every promise from “daily gym visits” to “quitting smoking” will be included, but consider including a couple of these career resolutions to keep you sharp and further build up your career.


Career Resolutions #1: Find a Job and Get Moving to Seattle

So maybe you’ve considered moving to Seattle for a long time, but are worried that finding a job in the Seattle-area might be difficult. There’s good news – you don’t have to do it alone! The best thing you can do for yourself (if you aren’t already) is to work with Parker! Not only has Parker been a key staffing resource in the Puget Sound for the last 35 years, but we have a team of recruiters with the experience and know-how to match stellar professionals like you to some of the Puget Sound’s best workplaces.

If your resolution includes finding a job that you love in a city that you love, consider checking out this list of all of our current openings or join our mailing list to get weekly job alerts tailored to the industries of choice.


Career Resolutions #2: Learn Something New by Taking a Course (Online or In-Person)

With resources like Khan Academy, you can learn new skills or improve current skills to better yourself and your career. Currently, Kahn Academy has countless video courses and exercises – teaching everything from the breakdown of Microeconomics to mastering Microsoft Excel. Kahn Academy is a free, non-profit service, relying on a community of thousands of volunteers and donors to bring education to all.

In addition to Kahn Academy, look to our local educational facilities – like Seattle Colleges – for continuing education classes. For example, at Seattle Central, you could learn Spanish or become more comfortable using programs like Photoshop or InDesign.

If you’re serious about making this a resolution, consider talking to your manager or employer about your ambitions. If it’s beneficial to your professional growth at the company, they may be willing to partially or fully pay for your course tuition.


Career Resolutions #3: Enhance your Career by Getting a Certification for your Industry

For many industries, there are typically relevant, sought-after certifications that professionals can work to achieve toward. For Public Relations professionals, Accreditations in Public Relations (APR) are popular. Human Resources professionals have plenty of options, like Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional (SHRM-CP). Even Contact Center professionals can work to earn an International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) Certification.

Certifications are a great way to get better visibility – both for those looking for work and those already in their current role. In some cases, those that are certified are held in a higher regard, looked to as someone with more experience, more knowledge than uncertified counterparts. In some cases, you may even make more money. Again, this is something to talk to your manager about, as companies sometimes have benefits in place that include covering the cost for continuing education/earning certifications.


Career Resolutions #4: Take Ownership by Doing Something Outside of your Wheelhouse

Maybe it’s a workplace committee or maybe it’s taking the lead on a charitable event or drive. Either way, do something that may be a little bit unexpected and outside of your daily routine. This may show your employer that you’re eager, flexible, and willing to go the extra mile. Just make sure that you are comfortable keeping up your usual pace, not allowing this new initiative to get in the way of you regular duties.

We hope we’ve inspired all of you to take up some career-based resolutions. Parker would like to wish you & yours a very happy and healthy 2016! Happy New Year!

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