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Crunch time, Seattle: Staffing Firms to the Rescue

When you’re in a time crunch, it’s often difficult to stop what you’re doing to look for helpful resources. However, if your department is facing a nail-biting deadline with a lack of resources, the time is now. While posting on job boards may be a way to get an array of candidates in the door, there’s still a laundry list of things to do: pre-screening, scheduling, interviewing, follow-up interviewing, background/reference checking, drug testing, negotiation and on-boarding… Phew! That is a lot of man-hours dedicated to finding a candidate – and when up against a deadline, they’re just precious hours that are taken away from the project.

Can staffing services really help me fill a position quickly?

Yes! The great thing about staffing firms is that they have access to an extensive network of candidates with solid references who are able to quickly start working for you. Recruiters are always fostering relationships with professionals in their industries of expertise so that they are able to fill your job order quickly and efficiently. Don’t just take our word for it, though! According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), 38 percent of surveyed organizations cited the ability to fill positions quickly as a top benefit for working with staffing firms.


Your HR department’s Admin Assistant put in her two-week notice during the middle of a company-wide benefits overhaul. Talk about a change management disaster! You may not have a pipeline of candidates at the ready, but you remember that staffing firms do; so, you pick up the phone and call a staffing firm to explain your predicament. Within 24-48 hours, resumes of qualified, interviewed candidates are appearing in your inbox. From there, you can review the resumes, interview the strongest candidates and select the individual that best fits your need. No on-boarding work required (as firms like Parker have the ability to on-board quickly so your contractor can start quickly). HR’s Admin Assistant has just been backfilled with a stellar contract-to-hire professional! Crisis averted!

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