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FORTune Favors This Skilled Executive Assistant in Seattle: An Interview with Aimee Martinez

Executive Assistant to the President: for some, it can be seen as a scary job but as we all know, someone has to do it. That someone for Forterra is Parker contractor, Aimee Martinez, who has been working as an Executive Assistant in Seattle with Forterra since October of last year. Aimee has been acting as the Presidents’ gatekeeper, scheduler, and right-hand woman, which is no small feat for a company who is the largest land conservation nonprofit in Washington State.

Though she’s been busy, we did manage to steal just a few minutes of Aimee’s time for a brief interview about what she loves in her current role, advice for first-time EA contractors, and her future plans as an Executive Assistant in the Puget Sound region.

// Hi Aimee. Thanks for taking the time out for a quick interview. Let’s start with discussing your role at Forterra. What is your favorite thing about your role as an Executive Assistant in Seattle?

The mission of the organization has brought together passionate, brilliant, caring people and I love being in an environment where everyone feels so united. There is a great deal of diversity in my work, my boss is an inspiring and dedicated leader, and there is ample opportunity to grow in this position.

// Sounds like an absolutely great place to work! What has been your most positive experience at your job so far?

Because we are a smaller organization (approx. 45), and due to the nature of my job, it has been important to build relationships with the entire team and create an inviting and open office for the President. I have greatly enjoyed having 1:1 time with each and every person in the organization; it truly feels like a team when you know everyone (which is much harder to do at a larger company). These conversations have brought up new ideas and potential with people that I very much look forward to working with outside of my day-to-day workflow.

// It seems as though having a wonderful team makes it easier to get up and go to work each day, doesn’t it? Quickly… let’s backtrack to before our team placed you at Forterra. How did you discover Parker as a resource in the first place?

Kelli Whitecar reached out to me on LinkedIn about a year and a half ago and we stayed connected, touching base from time to time. Kelli was always precisely spot on with finding opportunities that aligned with my career goals and expectations. She has truly been an invaluable connection – one whom I still owe a thank you over coffee!  

// Ah, Kelli! Kelli is a great Senior Recruiter with a knack for placing Executive Assistants in Seattle. We’re definitely glad you two were able to sync-up all those months ago. Speaking of, it certainly has been a while, and we noticed that your contract is wrapping up soon… What would you like to do once your contract has ended?

I stayed on board full time with Forterra at the end of January and am transforming my role to take on more internal projects.

// That’s fantastic news! Congratulations, Aimee! An opportunity to go fulltime is a goal for many of our other contractors, so, speaking from a place of success, what advice would you have for someone who is taking on their first contract role?

If you are hoping that contract work will turn into FTE – use this opportunity and future contract positions to truly understand what it is you are looking for in your career. I believe it is vitally important to be happy in your job and feel fulfilled in order to be your best. Learn from each contract and compile your list of what you need; from the type of culture you are looking for, to the type of work you want to be engaging in, and the future growth opportunities you would like to see. Contracts can be a great way to get a key insight into different companies and are an incredible networking tool. Recruiters like the team at Parker are your advocate and serve as a great resource for you during the contracts so you always feel supported. Lastly…be yourself and strive for greatness in everything you do.

// Sound advice, Aimee. We couldn’t have said it any better than that. Now, speaking of being yourself, let’s get a sneak peek at your personal-side with our Lightning round:

Star Wars/Star Trek? Star Wars (originals)
A relaxing vacation or an adventure getaway? Relaxing vacation
A home in the city or the country? Country
Starbucks or independent? Starbucks

After our interview with Aimee, she reached out to us to share a career update. Upon conversion to a fulltime employee at Forterra, her new title will be Director of the Presidents Office! Congratulations again, Aimee. We are so excited, and though we will miss you as one of our contractors, we wish you all the best and know your future will certainly be bright!

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