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Turning an Executive Assistant Job into a Rewarding Career: An Interview with Sean Glynn

A strong Executive Assistant is hard to find, but we’ve found several here in the Seattle area, and that includes Sean Glynn. Sean has been working in an administrative assistant capacity for more than four years, but had only just discovered Parker in 2016. After seeing Sean’s previous experience, our recruiter, Grace, placed him in an Executive Assistant job in Seattle. So far, the partnership has been successful!

Sean’s first contract with Parker was at the Economic Development Council of Seattle and King County (EDC), where he worked as an Executive Assistant. In the time since we conducted the below interview with Sean, his assignment with the EDC was completed. He is now working on a brand new contract with the Space Needle Corporation as an Executive Assistant to the CEO.

// Hi Sean! We certainly hope you’re doing well! Let’s kick off this interview by allowing you to talk about the role you were placed in by Parker.

I sought temporary work for a few months after applying for graduate programs. I was placed as an interim Executive Assistant for The Economic Development Council of Seattle and King County. They are doing a search for a permanent EA and need an experienced person to hold down the fort until the placement is complete. A great organization to work for and a timeline that works perfectly for me!

// That’s great! We’re glad that they had a timeline that could work for your temporary needs. Now, we know that you’ve spent over four years as an Executive Assistant – what drew you to that career path? Any advice for someone who wants to get into an executive assistant job?

I actually stumbled into my career as an EA. I took a temporary assistant job after college and ended up being hired full time. I enjoy the work because there is always something new and different on the table and I get to make connections with a wide range of people. Advice for a potential EA? Play more Tetris!

// A happy accident! That’s awesome. So you’re on this EA path… but how did you come across Parker? Can you describe what the process was like working with Parker?

I am happy to have found Parker through an internet search. The staff is incredibly efficient and friendly and the opportunities they provide are really valuable.

// Well we are certainly glad you found us! What are some of your favorite things about your job?

I’m on a temporary contract, so I appreciate being able to do work at this level without having to be tied to a permanent position. The EDC is a small non-profit that does a lot of work, and I enjoy being an integral part of the team.

// We’re glad we could match you with a temporary contract that could meet your needs. Temporary contracts are certainly great for skill-building and keeping yourself sharp! Any advice you can share with other job seekers? What kept you motivated during your job search?

For those looking for temporary work, I would suggest being discerning. Other agencies will have plenty of opportunities below your level of qualification and it really pays to wait for a good agency and the right opportunity.

// Great advice for others out there that are on the job hunt. Thank you for sharing. Finally, we end all of our interviews with a lightning round. Are you ready?

  • News: TV or Internet? Internet
  • Culture: Plays or Musicals? Musicals all the way. Pure entertainment
  • Sports: Futbol or Football? Futbol. Better hair on display.
  • TV: Sitcoms or Cartoons? Cartoons are a guilty pleasure.
  • Pets: Cats or Dogs? “Dogs” is the only correct answer to this question.

Tank you for being such a vital member of the Parker Team – Sean, you are a rockstar!

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