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Finding a Job After College

4 Ways to Prepare for a Serious Job Search 

Many students, who had not yet secured a job by graduation, decided to take the summer to recuperate, travel, and visit family before launching into their careers. Others may be still struggling to find a job after college (take heart – it can take on average, 3-6 months to find a job). No matter what the situation, for many recent graduates, the end of summer signifies the start of the job hunt! 

For those of you that find yourself in this group, we’ve collected four helpful tips and considerations as you get ready to find a job.  

Get over that Gap 

How do you explain what you did over the summer? In this helpful blog post, our recruiting manager Kelli Whitecar goes over some great tips to explain gaps in your work experience.  

Widen your Search Criteria 

Perhaps it’s time to expand your job search beyond your major. No worries, most people don’t end up in the fields they studied for. In a recent poll by CNBC, most grads say that confusion over what jobs they qualify for with their major ranks as  one of the most frustrating things about their job search. 

What does an intrepid job seeker do? According to our recruiter Sarah Kirschner, think about any college activities that made you happy. “I studied sociology. My freshman year I joined the Office of Admissions as an orientation leader; there I got deeply involved in the recruitment process. The foundation I built from the Admissions Office charged my love for helping people and working in recruiting.”  

When looking at non-traditional experiences common to college graduates, Sarah advises placing a skills bank at the top of the resume; share skills you’ve picked up over your college career while working, interning, or even handling the heavy workload of a student. 

Get Geared Up for the End of the Year  

It’s not unusual to see a swing in hiring in the third and fourth quarter of the year. As you can see in this article by the time of year, the time you look for work affects your odds of getting hired. There is typically a lull as we get into September; this is when companies assess their seasonal hiring needs and review budget for next year. Savvy job seekers can take advantage of this, as recruiters tend to have more time to look at candidates that don’t fit the traditional applicant model. Then, as seasonal hiring ramps up at the end of September, you find a great frenzy of hiring as hundreds and hundreds of applicants must be found.  

“One thing I wish I had known about when I graduated was the world of short term contracts!” adds Sarah. “There is a fear when the next step isn’t planned for us – it’s on our shoulders. Trying out different contracts gives you exposure to different industries and jobs. It also gives you time to figure out what you like without worrying about making rent!” 

Use a temporary agency to help land your next full time job!  

Did you know that within the last three years, contractors at Parker Staffing have twice been chosen as National Staffing Employee All-Stars? Part of the reason for this prestigious recognition is because our contractors used temporary work to launch their full-time careers. According to the American Staffing Association, 49% of temporary workers say that working with a temp agency is a great way to parlay your experience into a full-time job.  

Again, from Sarah: “Short term, seasonal jobs can give a job seeker insight into different fields. They’re a great way to make a lasting impact with companies that you can use for future endeavors. This builds your credibility and grows your network.” 

Working with a staffing agency is a great way to quickly get a job, generate income, and land references; moreover, you can jam-pack your resume with much-needed experience. Here are just a few of the great jobs that we are currently hiring for; they’re sure to get you up and running in no time!

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