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Getting Beyond Perfection with Micha Goebig of Go Big Coaching

What’s wrong with perfectionism?

At first glance, perfectionism may not seem like a bad goal. Culturally, many are raised to believe that reaching perfection should be the goal behind any task that we undertake. Perfect grades. A perfect presentation. A perfect performance.

However, according to Micha Goebig, perfection is but a moment. To grow and to learn, she suggests that we worry less about perfect and more about striving for excellence. Another way to look at it is that striving for excellence is about the journey and not the goal.

We are not supposed to make our lives harder!

As founder of Go Big coaching, Micha spends much of her time helping her clients unlearn harmful behaviors, such as perfectionism. If you suffer from similar challenges, she recommends three practical steps that you can take:

  1. Be kind to yourself. You are not perfect and that is ok. We all do our best, so we have to embrace it. Do your best – not someone else’s best.
  2. Set goals that work for you and inspire you. You are inspired by the steps that you take, by incrementally improving and doing the best you can. Make sure these goals are attainable. As Micha says, “We are not supposed to make our lives harder!” Set goals that challenging, but at the same time attainable.
  3. Go with fact, not fiction. Most people have an idea of what other people expect of them, but that’s the story they tell themselves. The reality is often times much different. Check to make sure what your expectations are matches those of others you are working with. If you are working on a large project, check in periodically to make sure that you are still on track with what you are set to deliver.
  4. Don’t make big decisions late in the day. As she helps her clients unlearn their unhealthy behaviors, she is always cautioning against decision fatigue. Instead, shape your day so the big decisions are made when your mind is fresh. Putting off the hard decisions to the end of the day often result in bad decisions.

If you are left with questions after watching out interview, Micha speaks in much more detail in her YouTube video. In addition, she is active on Instagram @michagoebig and on her website,

Thank you, Micha!


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