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Clever Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day

Looking for creative Administrative Professional’s Day gift ideas? Administrative professionals have been at the heart of who Parker Staffing has hired since we started nearly 40 years ago in Seattle. We hire Data Entry Clerks, Administrative Assistants, and Executive Assistants; much has changed in those 40 years and we’ve seen the role of the administrative professional evolve from someone who just handles the paperwork to a key component of success for any business manager. We know this because we’ve seen job descriptions evolve and our conversations with managers have changed to include the importance of finding someone who can be a partner.

It’s for this reason that our clients have found that finding a great administrative professional can be really, really hard! Parker Staffing prides itself on the quality of administrative support professionals that we work with each day – and so should you! So for this Administrative Professionals’ Day, April 25th, go beyond the Amazon gift card and find something that will truly show your appreciation. Here are some suggestions:

Pop Culture

There is something inherently risky about giving someone a book to read; it’s a big commitment and you can never be sure if what you are giving will be interesting to the recipient. However, with the popularity of pop culture, if you know their favorite TV show or movie, there will be no doubt a book about the script or a book that breaks down the backstory or the universe of the show. Or look to Funko. This company’s claim to fame is licensing popular characters to use in their figures, which decorate many an office desk.


These are not the fruit-cake-of-the-month or wine club variety. If your Administrative Professional loves podcasts, get them a subscription to a premium service, like Stitcher Premium. Do they like sports? Get them a Red Zone gift package or a membership to Do they love to stream tv shows? Chances are, they don’t have all of them and every service these days has an exclusive, “Must Watch” show.

A 3-Hour Lunch

Time is money, yes, but well spent it’s also a great morale booster. Find a local cinema and send your admins out to enjoy a movie together during the day. They’ll appreciate the paid time away from the office; for those that have young kids, the time alone to enjoy a movie in peace may be an added bonus.

Ditch the Coffee Card

If you have a larger group of administrative professionals to show your appreciation to, instead of a Starbucks card, why not book a mobile coffee cart to visit your office? Put the admin’s coffees on the company card and enjoy the smell of espresso in your office.


Does your Administrative Professional have their “focus time”, when the headphones and music go on? Update their earplugs with a wireless Bluetooth noise-canceling set. Not only will they appreciate the upgrade, but also the implicit approval that you understand their need to focus.

Finally, one shouldn’t ever underestimate the power and appreciation of a hand-written thank-you note. Not email, not text – just a nicely written letter expressing your gratitude to one of the most important people that keep your business functioning.

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