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Administrative Assistant, Grace Talen, ‘Czech’s Our Boxes for the Perfect Parker Person!

When we asked our recruiter, Jacob Mahoney, about Grace Talen, he mentioned her fun sense of humor. Humor is something they connected on – Jacob is often the comedic relief around our office. After Grace went through the Parker process, Jacob found her a role as an administrative assistant with Northwest Asset Management in Gig Harbor.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Grace a few weeks into her assignment. Learn about the work she does, how she felt about the Parker process, and her time studying abroad!

// Hi Grace! Thanks for agreeing to a quick Q&A. Can you tell us a little bit about the contract role you were placed into by Parker?

I was placed in an administrative assistant position at an investment advisory firm. I do clerical work, CRM management, and client account management.

// What has been your favorite thing about your new job so far?

My favorite things about my new job are the learning and growth opportunities! Everyone has also been very nice and welcoming.

// We love to hear that you’re having such a great experience! We noticed this was your first role with Parker. How did you initially find us, and what was your experience like throughout the Parker process?

I found you on Indeed, I really enjoyed the Parker onboarding process, everyone I talked to seemed to have my best interests as the number one priority especially Jacob Mahoney who was my main point of contact. 

// We’re glad you had such a positive experience with us. On your resume, you mentioned you studied abroad in the Czech Republic. What was your favorite part of your time there? Do you think studying abroad had an impact on you personally or professionally?

My favorite part of studying abroad in the Czech Republic was my Independent Study Project and traveling around Europe in my spare time. In my independent study project, I completed an anthropological study of the Vietnamese Czech community in Prague, specifically with a concentration on how they interacted with the other Czech people and Czech people’s views on them. I was very interested in how race is viewed in a European country, it is very disparate from how we view the issue in the United States so my study was very fascinating to me.

I think my time spent abroad increased my critical thinking and analytic skills as the classes were focused on viewing subjects from multiple angles and I was exposed to so many different experiences that I had to process extensively. 

// That sound like it was such a significant time for you. What a cool opportunity! So, back to the ‘now’ – When you’re not on the clock at Northwest Asset Management, how do you spend your spare time?

I spend a lot of the time outside (if it’s not raining) and exploring the PNW. I’m not a PNW native, so being out here is a whole new experience that I’m trying to experience to the utmost!

// These last couple of weeks have offered some great weather for exploring the outdoors! We hope you’ve enjoyed it. To wrap up, let’s do a ‘pick your favorite’ lightning round just for fun:

  • Spring or Fall? Fall
  • Cake or Pie? Cake
  • Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
  • Alki Beach or Golden Gardens? Golden Gardens

Thank you so much to Grace Talent for providing us a few minutes for this Q&A. Grace, we’re proud to have you represent Parker Staffing Services!

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