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Here’s Why Green Lake is a Popular Neighborhood for those Moving to Seattle

Some call it a cyclist haven. Others argue that it’s the cleanest and greenest neighborhood in Seattle. Our colleagues, Taylor Engbrecht and Kendra Davison, also like to call Seattle’s Green Lake Neighborhood “home.”

Named after the freshwater lake in the heart of the neighborhood, Green Lake was settled in the late 1800s, and was a much quieter, reserved place compared to bustling Downtown. To this day, people flock to the Green Lake Neighborhood for much of the same reason.

Currently, over 11,000 people call Green Lake home – and that number is still growing; it’s a favorite among new Seattle transplants. This could be due to its beautiful homes and greenery, or perhaps its fitness-minded community… or, it could be a combination of several unique qualities that make Green Lake a special place to be.

Are you someone who values community and family-friendliness?

Do you enjoy the ability to walk to everything you need – from the grocery store to the dog park?

Then You Should Consider Living in Seattle’s Green Lake Neighborhood

To continue the “Where Parker People Live” series, Kendra and Taylor share a few of their favorite places in the Green Lake neighborhood. In addition, you’ll find rental information, the area’s walk/bike/transit scores, and their personal reasons for loving Green Lake. You can check out their video below.

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