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Holiday Hiring is Approaching, but are Seattle Businesses Ready to Hire?

Peak season: For the finance industry, it’s tax season. For retail, it’s the holidays. For travel and hospitality, summertime is always booming. There’s a lot of demand – and a lot of dollars – on the table, so having enough seasonal help on hand to meet the demand is critical.

In the 2014 holiday season alone, the United States hired an additional 800,000 temporary workers. That’s a lot of staff… but how in the world does a company have the time to search for, screen, interview and on-board an influx of people all at once?

Truth be told, many organizations across various industries turn to staffing companies to find those extra hands needed throughout the season instead of trying to seek out temporary employees themselves. The numbers reflect that, too. Did you know that in 2013, U.S. staffing firms hired a total of 11 million temporary and contract employees? Not to mention, companies with longtime presence typically to have more robust, local networks of professionals that are ready to work. Utilizing a partnership with a trusted staffing firm is a safer and smarter approach for finding seasonal workers, especially if you’re not sure just how many contractors you’ll need for the season or project at hand.


An online clothing retail company with a contact center may estimate a need for an extra 25 representatives for 35-40 hours per week during the holiday rush. A good staffing partner will find the representatives needed, but will also continue to build up that customer service representative pipeline of candidates in case of an influx in sales or customer calls/chats/emails arises. If the company’s estimated need rises from 25 representatives to 32, a solid staffing partner like Parker, with over three decades of presence in the Puget Sound, can and will deliver on finding additional local contact center representatives to fill the need.

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