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How to make a Ferry Reservation for San Juan Islands

Washington State Ferry Reservations: How to Guide

If you are moving to Seattle you will definitely want to plan a visit to the San Juan Islands in Washington. When planning your trip to one of the islands you will need to utilize the WSDOT Ferries System. To complete your trip plan, you will need to log into the WSDOT Ferry System to make a Ferry Reservation. You will soon realize its more than just a click away. You will need to plan and strategize. This is what you will need to know before making a Ferry Reservation for the San Juan Islands.

4 Chances to Sail

You must make a reservation online at the WSDOT Reservation site.  There are four opportunities to reserve space for your vehicle on the ferry. Some things to keep in mind while making reservations: only 30% of the spots are released two months before your date, another 30% two weeks before and 10% more two days before.  Also, please note that the ferry reservation is just for your car and once you make it you can pay for your passenger tickets when you arrive at the Ferry Dock. 

Last Minute Ferry Reservations

Perhaps if you are reading this it’s because you want to make a last-minute ferry reservation. If that’s true, its risky but possible. Some things to keep in mind is the drive to your Ferry location and you must be at the terminal 45 minutes early and they begin loading at 7:00 am Pacific Standard Time.

Places to stay

Finding a place to stay can also be time sensitive since this a popular destination for locals and tourists due to activities like Orca watching, Kayaking, Wine Tasting. There are local hotels as well as airbnbs depending on which Island you are staying. You may also want to get back in touch with nature and camp on the islands. If you do camp make sure you have a Discover Pass for Parking which can be purchased online and a pass that can be printed out. If you find yourself purchasing it last minute and cannot print your pass you may write your transaction number and date on a piece of paper and put it on your dash where it can be clearly seen by National Park officials. 

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