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“I did something useful”. Temp Staffing as a Way to Help Others

The NYT today ran a fantastic article about British citizens who had been furloughed taking temp jobs with the specific goal of helping others during the pandemic. For some with medical backgrounds, they found themselves administering COVID tests. Others signed up as appointment schedulers, reaching out to the elderly and others in need of assistance to set up times to receive the vaccine. 

I did something useful.”

We have been honored to assist with our country’s own efforts to fight against COVID. In November, we worked with Snohomish County in Washington to place county residents affected by the pandemic into paying roles with non-profit community organizations in the county. This was a unique project that benefitted the county in two ways: first by getting well-paying jobs to their unemployed residents and second, by staffing community organizations that provide direct benefits to the county. 

Another project we are working on is currently under way – in Washington state, we are assisting in the hiring of vaccine appointment schedulers who are working remotely all across the state. These schedulers are reaching out to the elderly and those without internet to set up times to receive the first and second vaccine doses. 


If our first project last year was to combat the direct effects of those suffering from COVID and the second project was to help in the recovery, our third project (which we are currently hiring for) is about re-opening.


According to the CDC, remote learning has been harmful to many students. That is why we are so excited to partner with a private school in Redmond, WA currently planning a careful, thoughtful approach to their own reopening. 

Families are being educated on how to protect themselves, their children, and teachers from exposure. Students will be temperature tested each morning before entering school grounds. Class sizes will be limited to 5 students. Teachers will be teaching in a remote environment to students in class, until vaccines are widely available. Classroom Aides are being hired, who will basically work as the adult monitor in the room, making sure that students are connected to the lesson and helping with other issues in a socially distant environment.

If you have been thinking that you would like to help out with COVID recovery, please check out the role. Pay for these positions is $25/hour, Monday through Thursday.


You can find more details and how to apply here: Classroom Aides

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