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Is It Worth Going Through a Temp Agency?

Are Temp Agencies Worth It?

The ability to apply for a job and be working within a week makes going through a temp agency worth it. Add to that the fact that most temp agencies pay weekly and it becomes an important consideration for someone who needs a job quickly. For others, the ability of a recruiter to get your resume directly in front of a hiring manager, skipping the HR application process, can be a sanity-saving endeavor.

What do we mean by this?

The typical application process for most jobs can take upwards of 40 minutes. Since company HR databases are not interconnected, for each company an applicant applies to, they need to create an account, upload their resume, and then answer a series of questions to build out a profile. If you are applying to 2-3 jobs each day, the time spent building your profile alone adds up. For a temp agency, the application process is bypassed for a job seeker. On our system, applicants can even apply to a job by submitting their LinkedIn profile. A recruiter emails your resume directly to the hiring manager and will find out within minutes if the client is interested!

We talk extensively on our website about how a staffing agency works. There are temp jobs that can convert to permanent employment, meaning the company at which you are contracted becomes your employer. Many managers prefer hiring this way as a quick way to get people on-board without having to go through the typical HR process, since it can be easier to convert an employee than hire a new one. Temp jobs today can be remote, meaning you are able to work from home. Finally, temp jobs can vary wildly in length, so they are suitable for a wide range of circumstances, including while continuing to look for permanent employment. 

They remain an important avenue for a workforce looking to get back on its feet again. Take a look at the jobs we are hiring for now

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