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Here’s How Parker Contractor & World Traveler, Korin W., Put Down Roots in Seattle

After thousands of miles traveled around the globe, Parker contractor Korin Wahl found herself here in Seattle. When the time came to look for a role in the area, Korin found us at Parker Staffing, and we hooked her up with a receptionist role at a well-known software data company in the Fremont neighborhood. Recently, we were able to ask Korin a few questions about her travels, what she loves about her job, and her advice for those also feeling a bit of wanderlust.

// Hi Korin! Thanks for answering a few questions. To start, can you tell us a little bit about the role you were placed into by Parker?

I was matched into a role as a receptionist for a successful software company here in Seattle.

// How did you come across Parker? Can you describe what the process working with Parker was like?

I was originally told about Parker through a friend of mine who utilized the staffing services about ten years ago. She had so many positive things to say and it was nice to see that Parker is still so supportive with their recruits!

In my process, I reached out via the Parker website and I followed up with a phone call. Within a few days I got a call back, submitted my resume, and scheduled an interview with Parker. Within about two and a half weeks I was matched with my current position. I was surprised at how quick everything came together!

// Referrals are usually very successful, so we love them! We’re glad we could place not just your friend, but you, too! Now as our client’s receptionist, what are some of your favorite things about your new job?

I really love that I work with friendly people. My colleagues and supervisors are very supportive and work hard together to keep things going smoothly for the company. I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a fun team!

// We’re so glad that you’re in such a supportive and team-focused environment! So, if you don’t mind, let’s switch gears to talk about your avid travels! Missouri, Colorado, France, the UK, and Seattle – you are probably one of our most well-traveled employees! I’m sure there are more places than what is on your resume – what inspires you to travel and what brought you to Seattle? What advice would you have for someone looking to travel and at the same time, land on their feet when they are done?

I must admit that the majority of my opportunities to travel came from my background as a musician. I was drawn to these places because of the organizations and the people that I worked with, both as a musician and as an administrator. I fell in love with Seattle before my time in the United Kingdom, and I promised myself I would come back to live here after I returned from Europe. It was actually a pretty smooth transition because the climate and cultures between Seattle and the UK are very similar!

The best advice I could give someone if they are looking to travel is to start with an idea, refine a plan as you research, and make sure to plan for all contingencies. Once you’ve figured out a plan and a few backup plans, then it’s easier to be flexible with any changes or bumps in the road that may come up. The other piece of advice I would give is to reach out to your support system. I am very lucky to have friends and family help me along the way with emotional support, words of encouragement, and helping me research and suggest resources. If you want to make something happen, I guarantee you will find a way to make it work!

// That is some stellar advice. I hope our aspiring travelers read it and take it to heart! Now, as an end cap, let’s have a quick Lightning round – a worldwide edition!

  1. Sports: Football or Futbol? Football
  2. Food: Steak and fries or steak frites? Steak and fries
  3. Transport: a car’s trunk or boot? Boot!
  4. Culture: A Big Mac or a Royale with Cheese? Big Mac
  5. Currency: Euro or Pound? Pound! It took me a long time to start saying dollars again

Thanks again for agreeing to be interviewed, Korin! We’re wishing you continued success in your contract role, and are so happy to have you as a member of Team Parker!

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