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Moving to Seattle? Consider a Life on Capitol Hill

Some call it a hipster’s paradise. Other’s call it vibrant and artsy. Our Senior Operations Coordinator, Cory Snively, calls it home; and if you’re moving to Seattle, maybe you will, too!

Founded in 1886, Capitol Hill (called Broadway Hill until 1901) has evolved from modest and ritzy to eccentric and funky over the course of the century. Dotted with coffee houses, bars, and delicious restaurants, Capitol Hill is an amazing place to live for those who want art and culture thrust upon them in every direction.

Prefer boutiques over chain stores?

Enjoy walking over driving?

If you’re moving to Seattle, you may want to consider living on Capitol Hill.

In our new series, “Where Parker People Live,” Cory shows us his favorite places on The Hill, and offers rental, transit, and population information to give you a sneak peek of what life is like on Capitol Hill. You can check out his video below.

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