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One Weekend to Fill – A Parker Success Story

Not too long ago, Parker was approached late on a Friday with news – one of our non-profit clients had partnered with the state to assist with vaccination scheduling. The catch? They needed to staff 75 roles by the following Monday. They came to Parker looking for a staffing partner to staff their project. Through a partnership combining public entities and a private enterprise, we were able to  deploy a solution in a fraction of the time it would have taken our client to do so on their own.

The catch? They needed to staff  75 roles by the following Monday.

The reason for the fast turnaround was understandable – the combination of a vaccine with special handling demands, visibility across the highest levels of the state, and unprecedented levels of public demand left little room for error or delay. The entire staff of Parker met that same afternoon with a clear directive to staff the roles by Monday. Marketing was deployed across social media, recruiters reached out to their networks, and our operations team onboarded each candidate as they were hired. These applications not only included active job-seekers, but also current Parker contractors who wanted to pitch in and help with the vaccination effort. Everyone across the organization lent a hand.

Throughout the pandemic, Parker associates have ready to lend a hand. We’ve had people act as door greeters, screening visitors entering our client’s building. We’ve assisted community groups hire essential needs by utilizing CARES Act funds. The energy and willingness to pitch in has been astounding! After a full weekend of phone calls and reaching far across the state to secure the best employees for the role, Parker was able to present over 75 ready-to-work professionals across the state. There are people lending their skills in Bellingham, Chehalis, Spokane, and more, all eager to do their part! 

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