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Kicking Off an Extraordinary 2016 around the Dinner Table: Parker 2016 Kickoff

At the end of January, Parker employees came together, as we do each year, to celebrate the successes of the past year and start the New Year off on a great note. This year, we chose to kick off our 2016 at the Hot Stove Society, right here in Downtown Seattle, for an on-hands cooking class and family-style dinner. It was the perfect way to celebrate another groundbreaking year here at Parker Staffing Services.

Ready, Set, Cook

Parker employees traded in headsets and laptops for aprons and knives for an evening of cooking with fellow employees and their partners… and let me tell you, we had a blast. With the help of the skilled chefs at the Hot Stove Society, we cooked up delicious dishes like handmade pasta bathed in a delicious, creamy sauce, roasted wild salmon with salsa verde, and caramelized apple galette pastry with vanilla whip cream.

Though quite a few of us professed that we’re not exactly skilled in the kitchen, you would’ve never guessed when the time came to sit down and eat together. After a couple of great toasts and an impromptu round of people going around the table sharing what they were grateful for this year, we ate a most delicious meal together, building a solid foundation for 2016!

Making Pasta at the Hot Stove Society in Seattle

And the Award Goes to…

Each year, our President / CEO, Debbie Crandall presents three awards: The Top Producer Award, which celebrates those who exceed their goals for the year, The Pinnacle Award, which goes to the highest performer(s) on the team, and the Manager of the Year, which celebrates a manager or executive for their contributions to the company.

Due to the extraordinary success from our staffing recruiting team, Gayle Luchini, Kelli Whitecar, and Grace Yoo all won both Top Producer and Pinnacle awards for their efforts in 2015.

Parker's Recruiting Pinnacle & Top Performer Winners - Kelli, Grace, & Gayle


Our Senior Manager of Business Development, Lindsay Lundberg blew her target numbers out of the water this year, making her the Top Producer and Pinnacle award winner of our sales team.

As for Manager of the Year, Debbie concluded that Jacob Rhoades, our recently promoted VP of Marketing would take the title for all of the hard work he’s put into building out the small but mighty marketing department here at Parker.

Parker's Sales Pinnacle & Top Performer award winner - Lindsay LundbergJacob Rhoades, Parker's Manager of the Year

What a great year! 

Parker Staffing Services circa 2016

*All photos are courtesy of Christy V. Johnson, owner of On Focus Photo.

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