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Parker Live! with Movement Principles, Trevor Gibbs and Dawn Chouman

A Backpack for Your Stress: A simple, five minute drill to think and get into your hips.


We tend to carry all of our stress and anxiety in our upper body – neck, shoulders, and back. Traditionally, we treat these areas of stress directly, through methods such as massage or chiropractic care. However, when the stress inevitably returns, so does the pain. In this clever exercise demonstrated on Parker Live!,  Trevor Gibbs and Dawn Chouman demonstrate a simple exercise to help transfer the load down to your hips, where it becomes much easier to bear. The drill, called “Walking without Walking”, helps you become aware of your body and whether or not you are sitting in your hips properly. Think of it like a backpacking pack – the pack is designed to redistribute the weight from your back onto your hips, which are naturally designed for load-bearing.


The workout is surprisingly challenging – within 30 seconds into the five-minute exercise, you’ll start noticing muscles in the bottom of your feet and arches. Trevor and Dawn learned the “Walking without Walking” drill as part of their collaboration called Movement Principles, which started in Austin a couple of years ago. Trevor, a student of health training, became involved in what’s called the Movement Culture, a study of many physical disciplines involving primarily body movement. Training 3-4 hours a day for a few days a week, Trevor learned that in addition to movement, communication was key to a better understanding of health. Dawn, a pilates instructor, was an instructor for 14 years when she met Trevor. In Movement Principles, she found a kindred movement akin to Joseph Pilates.

Thank you Trevor and Dawn! If you are in the Austin area, please lookup their meetup group.  Alternatively, you can reach both Trevor or Dawn at gibbsth at

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