Moving To Seattle?

Things to know before you move

So, you want to move to Washington State? Maybe you want a fresh start in the city of your dreams, or you are following out a partner as they relocate for their job? Regardless of your reasons, finding a job out of state can be tricky. A great resource in the job search is connecting with a staffing company to find out about temporary or direct to hire roles. Here are the best tips for applying for a job out of state.

Plan Ahead

Make sure that you have a solid deadline of when you will be moving. Research what companies in the area you are interested in, and what salary level you will need to account for the cost of living. Include costs like parking, public transportation, and tolls. Learn more about how much money you’ll need to have for your move in our post: How Much Money Should I Save Before I Move to Seattle? 

You’ll also want to start researching where you’ll want to live and work. Seattle has a plethora of neighborhoods, each with its pros and cons, so you will want to put in some leg work before moving. Read our interview with the Rental Housing Association of Seattle about finding a rental property in Seattle.

Also, consider rideshare or food delivery options for the first few weeks after your move. These will provide you with the chance to apply to jobs and have the flexibility to interview. Do not get too attached to one company or role. The Seattle area is vibrant and full of great opportunities and finding the perfect role takes time. Once you are here, go and explore your new city on a Water Taxi.

What’s a Water Taxi you say? We explain it all here.


Consider Working With A Temp Agency

Working with a staffing company can get provide you with insight on the employment opportunities before moving. This is a good option for people who have a set date of when they will be in the state. Reach out to a staffing agency and explain that you are planning on moving to X state by X date and want to connect to a recruiter about employment opportunities. Don’t apply to a bunch of roles that are starting before you will arrive without explaining to a recruiter your impending relocation. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and you review the jobs they have posted to get an idea of what kind of positions and companies they work with.

Recruiters can do a quick interview to learn more about your skill set and professional background. They may ask you to take a skills test in order to establish your comfort with different technologies. Ask your recruiter when they would like you to check in, and what they recommend for applying to roles when you are closer to your moving date. At Parker, we also utilize virtual interviewing which can be very helpful to job seekers who are in the process of relocating.

That’s why we see many applicants coming to us when they first arrive. We have 40 years of working with the area’s top companies. Contractors can get to know companies while on assignment or get an inside track to a great direct to hire opportunity.


Get Busy On LinkedIn

Spend a day working on your LinkedIn profile so that it looks attractive to prospective employers. Put some time into connecting with every work colleague or classmate you’ve ever had. Then get busy with research. Find the target companies you are interested in working for and seek connections with recruiters for those firms. Connect and let them know about your relocation plans to get their insight. While many may refer you to the application process, if you have a coveted skill set, many will work with you outside of the system to get you in front of a hiring manager as soon as possible. However, this will only happen if you have a fully realized LinkedIn account.


Try Remote Opportunities First

Many companies have remote working arrangements. Try applying for a job that allows remote work and then move at your convenience. Try searching on job boards using the terms “Remote” or “Work from home” and see what you find. You can also see if there are temp firms that specialize in travel roles in your industry, such as travel nursing. Check with your internal HR department to see what your company’s remote work policy is – you may be surprised to find out exactly what kind of flexibility your employer is willing to give you to keep you there.

Interested in trying out remote? Read our tips about Getting Started on a Long Distance Job Search.

We Look Forward To Meeting You!

At Parker Staffing, we help introduce job seekers to great opportunities daily. We hope to be having that conversation with you soon! Check out our jobs section or contact us to get the journey to your new job started!


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