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30 Years Later: Parker Laced Up for Seattle’s 2016 End AIDS Walk

On September 24th, the Parker Staffing Services team joined 1,350 people in Volunteer Park for the 30th annual End AIDS Walk, hosted by Lifelong AIDS Alliance. Each year, this fundraiser helps Lifelong continue their mission to prevent new HIV infections, eliminate the stigma of having the disease, and support those in our community living with HIV and AIDS.
Cory at the End AIDS Walk Red Ribbon Tree

On a sunny Saturday in September, everyone came together to dedicate a day to the cause and celebrate another successful year of fundraising! There was music, dancing, coffee, snacks, cheering, laughing – even some Zumba-inspired warm-up stretching! Everyone was in good spirits, ready to take on the 5K challenge that lie ahead of all of us! There were also personal moments of silence and reverence – remembrance for those we’ve lost, gratitude for the people we still have – with structures like the Red Ribbon Tree at the Community Services Pavilion.

Did Parker Hit Our 2016 End AIDS Walk Fundraising Goal?

You may recall us mentioning our 2016 End AIDS Walk Fundraising efforts in a recent blog post. We’re happy to report that these fundraising efforts were a great success. Between our change jar, silent auction, “I Walk For…” balloon fundraiser, Jackson Healthcare’s match program, and generous donations from all of you – our colleagues, clients, friends & family – Parker was able to raise $5,586.91 this year. This more than doubled our initial goal of $2,500! Thank you to every single person who donated and participated. Without you, Team Parker would not have been able to raise such a significant amount for this amazing organization and the people it supports in our community.

Though we hope this walk will be the last and a cure for HIV comes to the surface as technology advances, we are ready to lace up our sneakers & walk year after year until there is no longer a need to walk anymore.

Team Parker at the 2016 End AIDS Walk

Interested in Helping the Fight Against HIV & AIDS?

If you are interested in learning more about or helping Lifelong – whether through donations or volunteering – please visit their website.

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