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How Seattle Businesses Need to Amplify Employee Engagement

According to this recent Forbes article, culture, engagement, and employee retention are now the top talent challenges facing business leaders – and for good reason. As the unemployment rate continues to drop and the economy picks up steam, keeping the star performers you have now is the key to success.

What Motivates Employees to Actively Engage?

A majority of employees (over 68% according to Gallup research) are disengaged at work. These are people who are uninvolved, unenthusiastic, and uncommitted to their work and their workplace. It could be that they are just not the right cultural fit, however, it could also be that companies aren’t doing the right things to drum up interest and engagement.

Here are some things to consider implementing to drum up engagement among your own employees:

  • Employee Engagement Surveys – Gallup suggests using the right employee engagement survey to ask employees for their opinions regarding the company. It’s important that the survey asks for data that is specific, relevant, and actionable. Forbes says it best: Don’t ask questions that you can’t fix.
  • Demonstration of Appreciation – At Parker, we have a special wall where employees can put up positive notes and comments about fellow employees when they’ve done something great that aligns with our values. On a monthly basis, our CEO, Debbie, reads them aloud in front of all of our colleagues, celebrating the employee and the work they do. It’s a small gesture – but even small gestures can have a positive impact on employee engagement.
  • Be Transparent About Long-term Plans & Goals – Even in tough times, FastCompany recommends keeping employees constantly informed and involved in long-term thinking and planning. Not only does it keep all eyes on the future, but it puts everyone on the same page, all working together toward the same goals.

Practicing What We Preach

We believe that much of our own success has been due to securing the commitment of a small group of dedicated employees who love their jobs. It didn’t happen overnight – it’s a journey that has taken us a long time to get there. However, the key to our success has been the culmination of strategies we put into play years ago meeting the hot job market of today.

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