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From AK to WA, Seattle Life has its ‘Perks’ for Parker Contractor, Katie Poor

Setting up, breaking down, and everything in between – such is the day-to-day of Parker contractor, Katie Poor. Katie is a Conference Room Attendant for well-known Downtown Seattle law firm Perkins Coie. Katie has been working with Parker since December of 2015. We were lucky to snag a few minutes of Katie’s time to interview her about her move from Alaska, and her sound advice to fellow contractors!

// Hi Katie! Thanks for allowing us to speak with you today. At one point in your career, you moved to Seattle from Alaska – any advice to someone in a similar position looking to make that leap?

Moving from AK back to WA (I was born in Seattle) was an exciting transition and I couldn’t wait to get out and explore my old city. I would advise anybody moving from a small to big scale to keep in mind that change doesn’t happen overnight. And the big picture, as I grow older, becomes more clear when I look back on my younger self and the priorities I held. Finding a support group is rewarding, yet, not easily attainable as a newcomer to Seattle. I would suggest getting involved outside of work/school to expand your social networks towards connection with the community.

// That’s really great advice, Katie, thank you. Let’s talk about you & Parker. Can you tell us a little bit about the role you were placed into by our team?

My first role was with a start-up company in Sales. I worked hard to maintain the quota of calls and eventually moved up to the next position to set appointments. Ultimately I wasn’t interested in continuing with the sales gig because I don’t like to be pushy on the phone all day. My back started to ache from the stress I was putting on myself, I was even grinding my teeth for a week in my sleep.

As a company, it was a good fit and I had an excellent director who coached me through the sales training. I look at the experience as a stepping stone of growth. I learned what I do not want to do, as I continue through my professional career, in a positive and proactive process.

// We’re sorry to hear about the stress of that role, but are very happy we’ve placed you in other positions around Seattle that seem to be more of a fit! So, how did you come across Parker? Can you describe what the process working with Parker was like?

I came across Parker on a temp search via Google. I don’t regret the decision! Parker has been an excellent experience. I would recommend Parker to those looking for work in a related or different field and who wish to continue professional growth across the board.

// Thank you, Katie! It’s been great working with you as well! What do you find most interesting about your current role?

My current role is at a law firm. I’m most interested in the people I meet throughout the company and the inclusive culture that surrounds our daily work. I also find the gorgeous art that rotates throughout the building intriguing!

// Perkins Coie certainly does have a really beautiful workspace. Any advice you can share with other job seekers?

Apply, Apply, Apply – Breath – and consider Parker Staffing because they are an ultimate networker for your next job.

// Solid advice. Job seekers, take heed! Now, as always, let’s end this interview with a fun lightning round:

  1. Mountains: Alaska or Washington? Alaska!
  2. Food: Pizza or Burger? Pizza!
  3. Work: How do you handle stress? Breathing, Stretching, Laughing & Vino
  4. Favorite Movie? Amelie
  5. Best thing you like about working in Seattle? Being surrounded by the city’s ever glow.

Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us Katie, and thank you for being such a wonderful, hardworking member of Team Parker. We appreciate you!

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