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Seattle Transplant, Allison Fecher, Has Two Talents: Music & Recruiting!

Allison Fecher moved to the Seattle area all the way from Indianapolis, Indiana. After facing a recent layoff, Allison discovered Parker Staffing Services, and our Senior Recruiter, Gayle immediately recognized her skill set. Allison was sharp, coming to the table with a background in scheduling and project management; ultimately, her skills and personality were a welcome fit on Swedish Medical’s Talent Acquisition Team, where she is now on assignment as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator.

Between the fast-paced work day, Allison was willing to speak with us a little about her experience. She also discusses her background in music, and advice for others interested in relocating to the Seattle area.

Allison Fecher’s Dip into the World of Talent Acquisition

// Hi Allison! Thanks for agreeing to a short interview. Can you tell us a little bit about the role you were placed into by Parker?

Parker placed me in a recruiting role since I have a background in scheduling and database management from my previous job.

// Awesome! Definitely seems like your background aligned well with the world of recruiting. So, how did you come across Parker in the first place? Can you describe what the process working with Parker was like?

I stumbled across Parker on Indeed and didn’t realize they were a staffing company until I did some research before my interview. They were easy to work with and wanted to help find the right fit for me.

This is my first contract job and I was a bit nervous about it… I had to look for a new job since I got laid off in August. I’ve always been a huge planner when it comes to my life and not having a permanent place was nerve racking to me. Overall, I feel comfortable as a contract at this point and have been able to work out a few days that I can take off for the holidays.

// That’s fair. A lot of people share that hesitation when they take their first contract job. We’re just glad you’re feeling comfortable now! A little birdie told us you came to Seattle with a music background. Do you have any career aspirations in the music industry and if so, what are they? (and if not, what is your goal?)

I would love to work in the music industry someday. My main background is in nonprofits with a focus on music and I would love to open a music venue someday or work for a Symphony planning events.

// That sounds like a great goal to reach toward! Let’s switch now to your relocation to the area. You joined us here in Seattle after moving from Indianapolis; any advice you can share with anyone looking to move and start their careers in Seattle?

I would recommend looking for a job in Seattle before moving. My boyfriend did this before we moved here and at that time I worked remotely which helped so much in the long run by having a steady paycheck during the move.

// We’re glad you had such a positive and smooth transition to the area. Now, you graduated with two degrees, while at the same you spent time with the university band, as well as internships. Do you have any multi-tasking secrets or tips you can share?

Personally, I like to stay busy but prioritization is key. Know your limits as well and when you need to take a break make sure you do or you will get burnt out. Band always felt more like free time to me which helped so find something you love and find a way to have that in your everyday life. For me back in Indiana I joined a Municipal Band for adults in the evenings and I’m still looking for one in Seattle, but for now I play my flute and listen to music during work.

Thanks so much to Allison Fecher for agreeing to interview and for being a valuable member of Team Parker. We look forward to continuing to hear about her ongoing success on assignment!

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