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The Necessity of the Cover Letter

Think the Cover Letter is Dead? Guess Again.

“Hi there,” the email started.

“I have heard good things about your company and wanted to send in my resume. Please let me know if there is anything open that I am a fit for. Thanks!”

Attached, of course, is a resume.

It used to be that when a resume was mailed in, a cover letter would accompany the resume. In it, the candidate would detail out why they were applying and what qualifications they possessed that the resume might not imply. When email arrived on the scene and applications went online, the cover letter died – or so the thinking went. What many applicants do not realize is that the cover letter evolved into the email message itself.

Now, read that email that was sent to me again. What kind of cover letter is that?

We say at Parker that we are a company that hires contractors. We aren’t a temp agency. We, like any other employer, look for the qualities that make a strong hire. At best, the email sent above tells me that you really don’t know what you want. At worst, that there is a certain laziness to your job hunt. A more effective intro would be a reference to the position they are applying for, why they are excited about the role, and some more details about their background and qualifications. This is all just a long winded way of saying that your email is your cover letter. It doesn’t have to be long or creative or even exceptional. It should however, show that you care about the role you are inquiring about.

Take some time to craft a message and you may be surprised with the response you get.

Your next
opportunity awaits.

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