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Top 5 Most Common Myths About Staffing

The staffing industry has always been a vital resource to companies to fill roles from temporary to direct hire. It is also a great resource for job seekers on finding new opportunities!

In fact, the first known private employment agency or (staffing) goes back to 1873! Given its long history there are some common misleading myths that we often hear from our candidates. Below we have listed 5 of the most common myths about the staffing industry.

Myth 1: Staffing Agencies will charge candidates to find them work.

Truth: Companies pay us to save them time, money and hassle to find them the best people for their roles. We do not charge candidates to use our services. We are in the business of putting people to work not charging them for looking.

Myth 2: Staffing agencies are employment agencies and will always place you with a role.

Truth: Staffing agencies love nothing more than putting others to work but cannot place every candidate. The placement of candidates is based on their skill level, fit for the role, interview skills and their willingness to take the role.
Here at Parker Staffing Services we do our best to prepare candidates and find them the best roles. From helping them with their resume, to interview prep, to working as a team to find the best role. In a way it’s like match making: we connect our clients and candidates with roles that the candidate would often not see or have such a direct connection to. From their it is up to the candidate to make their best impression on the client when interviewing. If it is not a fit, we will always strive to find you another role as they are available.

Myth 3: The fee for direct hire is what lowers your salary and you would have made more money.

Truth: In regards to the no fee myth: a lot of people assume that without the fee, they’d make more of a salary. The amount we charge companies is actually negotiated up front, separate from what they are paid. Your salary is not affected by our services.

Myth 4: All staffing firms have the same jobs.

Truth: Staffing companies don’t all have the same orders. So, it actually behooves you to work with multiple firms. Most clients have a select list of vendors that they work with, so don’t assume that if you spoke to one agency, you’ve seen all of the available jobs.

Myth 5: You don’t need to look for a job on your own after you talk to a staffing agency.

Truth: Staffing agencies and employers want to work with candidates who are eager to work. Not looking at the roles on the staffing agency’s website or not applying to other roles will only hurt your own personal chances and may show a lack of drive to the agency.

We understand that finding a job can be one of the most stressful processes you can go through. Going with a staffing agency may seem like a risk but it is actually a wonderful tool in helping you connect with employers and feel like you are supported on your job search and have an expert in your corner. At the end of the day that’s what you get when working with a staffing agency. An expert opinion, support and experience with the job market in your area. We hope we can help you on your next job search that leads you to the next step on your professional journey. Please check out our job links to find a great role for you.

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