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It’s a Bright Future for Tracey Morgan, Survey Coordinator in Seattle!

Spring has sprung here in Seattle, and we’re finally starting to get peeks of sunshine every few days… But one of our administrative contractors is certainly shining brighter than any sunshine over Puget Sound! Tracey Morgan is a Survey Coordinator for our client, Archbright, a go-to HR and Legal resource for employers in the Pacific Northwest. Though this Parker contractor (and newlywed!) has been very busy with data analysis and employee satisfaction surveys, Tracey managed to carve out a few minutes of her time to answer some questions for us.

// Hi Tracey! Thanks for taking some time out of your schedule for us. First things first: Can you please describe your role as a Survey Coordinator at Archbright?

As mentioned, I am the Survey Coordinator here at Archbright, which is an Employer Association that provides HR support to many employers in the Pacific Northwest. My role is to setup and deploy employee satisfaction surveys, and then to conduct data analysis and create presentations that helps employers to improve their relationships with employees.

// Sounds like a great challenge! How did you find the job?

Gayle Luchini, my wonderful recruiting representative from Parker, recommended the position after my initial interview with her. It’s amazing how perfect this role is for me. It truly fits my strengths and skill set to a tee, yet I don’t think I ever would have even applied for a position like this one if it wasn’t presented to me by Gayle. She is great at what she does.

// Well, we certainly love it when our team makes a job match as solid as yours! What is it like working with a recruiter who is trying to place you?

The recruiter basically becomes your biggest ally in your job search. Gayle called me with job opportunities, gave me tips on ways I could make a great first impression during interviews, made sure to check in and see how my interviews went, and even delivered my thank you notes to prospective employers. Every step of the way she was there, keeping me up to speed on how the hiring process was going. She made me feel like a priority, and with her help it only took me two interviews to find a position that I absolutely love.

// We’re glad to be that advocate and coach for you, Tracey. It’s all in a day’s work! Do you happen to have any advice for someone looking to get into the recruiting field?

I’m no recruiting specialist, but if I was giving them advice based on what I loved about my experience with a great recruiter, I would tell them to make sure they listen to their prospective hires and try to place them in positions that truly fit not only their resume, but their personalities. I would also say to keep their prospective hires in the loop as the hiring process is moving forward, so that they feel like a priority and like they truly have an advocate.

// Sound advice. Thanks Tracey! Now, one last serious question… Can you describe your Parker experience?

My experience with Parker has been excellent. From the initial email correspondence up to being hired onto my first contract, every step of the way I have been met with professionalism and care. I couldn’t recommend Parker highly enough.

// We’re touched, and very glad we could give you a positive experience. Finally, we have a fun lightning round for you!

Friday night is for: Going out or staying in? Well, I just got married in August and I have a 3 year old and a 4 month old, so staying in with my husband and little ones means the world to me these days.
Movies or books? Books all the way, though I don’t get to read nearly as much as I’d like to these days
Mobile gaming or Mobile Browsing? Mobile gaming, Candy Crush is a great stress reliever
ESPN or HGTV? HGTV all the way, one day that Dream House will be mine!
Cats or Dogs? I’m allergic to both, unfortunately. Can I go with Fish?

Well congratulations on your wedding, your new baby, and your success in your role at Archbright; moreover, thank you Tracey, for being a vital part of Parker and participating in this interview! We certainly appreciate you!

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