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Lighting the Way for Business Leaders – An Interview with Tracy Sigmon, Director of Consulting Operations for Archbright

Paid Sick & Safe Time? Workers’ compensation? Employee training? When companies are scratching their heads figuring out these tough topics, they look to Archbright to provide knowledge and empowerment. You may know Archbright through their former name, Washington Employers, and recently Tracy Sigmon, Archbright’s Director of Consulting Operations, joined us for a brief interview to discuss what Archbright does, her role, and advice for those interested in business consulting.

// Hi Tracy. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today! To kick this off, can you tell us a little bit about Archbright and your role there?

Sure. Archbright is the go-to resource for employers in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. At our core, we offer HR Advice and Legal Counsel through annual membership. Our focus is helping companies elevate workplace performance. With three membership levels to choose from, employers can align Archbright’s services with their organization’s needs and budget. Benefits may include access to our HR Hotline, On-call Safety Advice, our online HR Toolkit, Employment Law and Labor Law advice, Compensation Survey Data, and more. Members can also purchase additional services that span every stage of the employer-employee relationship, including HR Consulting, Employee and Leadership Training, Payroll, Retirement Programs, Safety & Workers’ Compensation, Organizational Development and Labor Relations.  All at a price and quality unmatched in the market place!

My role at Archbright is as the Director of Consulting Operations. My team project manages all consulting engagements from contract signature until completion, ensuring a timely and satisfactory conclusion to all work we engage in.

// Wow! So many great resources for employers all under one roof! So, you’ve been working at Archbright since 2010 – what do you like about it?

Archbright has been around for 80 years – so to say we are stable is an understatement! But we are also in “start-up” mode, where we are quickly moving into the digital age. So it’s an exciting time to be here. I also love the people I work with – I look forward to spending my days with them. We have a very collegial, almost family-like culture. People are recognized for the good work that they do, and our Leadership Team is positive and very approachable.

// A stable start-up with a close-knit culture – sounds like a really fun place to grow your career! And speaking of growth, the last few years has seen an explosion in the Puget Sound population, new progressive labor laws, relaxing norms concerning recreational drug use, as well as an entirely new political environment – how has this changed the type of issues that companies are coming to you with?

Yes – we’ve seen enormous change in the labor laws, both locally and federally. We feel it every day, as we have nearly doubled the number of HR calls we take each month. Our approach hasn’t changed. We are on the forefront of understanding all new policies and laws that go into place – and we have a commitment to getting the information out to our membership, whether it be on an individual phone call, a CoffeeTalk (open to the public), or sending out eAlerts to our membership, and we do it quickly.

// We’re certain your members appreciate that swiftness of sharing information. It’s key to success! Now, if you were to have a magic looking glass, what new issues do you see coming in the future?

I suspect that there will be confusion on the labor law front, as the new administration stalls on some legislation and/or enacts other legislation. As always, Archbright is here to help.

// We could definitely see that being a possibility, but it’s great to know that Archbright will be in our corner! So, when it comes to working in this industry, what are some steps a job seeker can start taking today to prepare themselves for a career in Business consulting??

Normally I think someone would come to this role with a strong background in Project Management. However, I came to it by way of Sales. I was Archbright’s Director of Sales for the past 5 years, and my deep understanding of the customer experience, coupled with my analytic skills, are why I was moved into this role. But, again, I think my own path was unconventional.

Education never hurts. You could also attend Archbright CoffeeTalks, and read, read, read.

Great advice from Tracy Sigmon! Thank you again for taking the time to speak with us, Tracy. If anyone out there is interested in learning more about how Archbright helps businesses in our region, you can visit their website,

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