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The Best Twitter Resources for Job Seekers in Seattle

There’s more to your digital job search than just LinkedIn or Indeed. Have you looked to LinkedIn’s short, sweet & to-the-point friend, Twitter? Though it seems limiting, at only 140 characters per tweet, Twitter can actually be extremely useful to the job seeker; many job search experts and popular companies are using Twitter to share valuable, relevant information for today’s job seeker.

How can you unlock these opportunities to gain valuable insight & make connections that could ultimately help your career? We’ll show you.


You can’t go on any networking site without seeing a hashtag… #TBT, #selfie, and #instagood may all sound familiar to you, but there are other hashtags out there, too. Here’s our list of favorites for those that are looking for jobs in Seattle (and the surrounding Puget Sound region):

  • #SeattleJobs: If you want to stay in the know about opportunities in the Seattle area, check out the #SeattleJobs hashtag. Typically, recruiters and company Twitter accounts will tweet out their job listings, including this hashtag in their tweet.
  • #TChat: Geared toward HR professionals and recruiters, #TChat is a great excuse to network and learn from fellow professionals in the HR space. #TChat happens every Wednesday at 10 am Pacific.
  • #AdminChat: As stated in the name, this hashtag/Twitter chat is focused on the educating and networking of administrative professionals. Every Thursday at 10 am Pacific, administrative professionals join Executive Secretary Magazine (the chat’s host & creator) to discuss career advice, administrative news, and world class training opportunities. Typically, #adminchat will have a list of Q&As, and anyone with a Twitter account is open to participate.
  • #URRecap: This was created by @UndercoverRecruiter, a popular recruitment and career blog/Twitter account. They often use the #URRecap hashtag to tout top stories of the week, including great articles with career advice, job seeking tips, and even the occasional motivational quote. You’ll often find other professionals using the hashtag to share articles as well, making it a great educational resource for job seekers.


Instead of trying to scour through the search feature on Twitter, we’ve made finding the right folks to follow fairly easy with our Job Search Experts Twitter list. You can subscribe to this list, featuring great resources like The Daily Muse, LinkedIn, and Allison Green/Ask a Manager. Like us, they’re often tweeting out and writing insightful content that could help you excel during your job hunt, and ultimately help you toward a successful career!

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