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Vanessa Romero with Wines by V

The day a bottle of wine is opened is the culmination of years of patience and planning. The work started years ago is part of a process whose fruits won’t be known for some time. It’s a gamble based entirely on hope.

And even then, despite the planning, the strategy, and the hard work, the quality of the final product is entirely out of human hands, at the mercy of what the weather and soil were like during the year.

It’s a gamble based entirely on hope.

The bottle of wine that is opened at your dinner table is more than just the works of a farmer – it is the bottled hope of someone who has staked their entire livelihood on it.

Society is slowly reopening and friends are coming together. Join Vanessa Romero of Wines by V as she explains why wine is important, even today. She guides us through how to spot a good bottle of wine during your quick duck into the grocery store, offers some basic guidelines in terms of choosing an affordable bottle of wine, and even gives some tips on what to look for in a wine label besides the cool graphic.

You can catch the twenty two minute conversation here. Thank you, Vanessa!

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