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Washington State Updates Overtime Rule – new overtime rules to benefit thousands

Changes to Overtime Rules


In what is being called the first major changes to the State of Washington’s overtime rules since 1976, the Department of Labor and Industries announced new rules today, to go into effect in July 2020. According to the Seattle PI, new overtime rules expand overtime to a larger group of workers and under these new provisions, the minimum pay a salaried worker must receive to be considered exempt would increase incrementally to 2.5 times the state’s minimum wage by 2028 (smaller employers with less than 50 employees have a more gradual phase-in).

The new rules use a new calculation to determine the overtime threshold, based on the state’s voter-enacted minimum wage laws

The new salary threshold schedule can be found here:

A chart of Washington State's OT schedule


For more information on this and other hiring laws, check out our resource section for hiring in Seattle and Washington State or, request our Hiring Guide today! 

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