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Washington’s Best Company to Work For

“I don’t go to work anymore. I get to go to Parker.”

Last night, over 1,200 people gathered at the Washington State Convention Center to celebrate their company’s inclusion in Seattle Business Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list. Hundreds of companies were surveyed by the magazine, with interviews with each employee consisting of questions measuring a company’s benefits, culture, and growth opportunities. Parker Staffing has been fortunate enough to be included on the list every year since 2016 (including recognition in 2017 as the #2 Ranked Best Small Company), and this year was no exception. 

The night started with a large reception and music, after which attendees were all ushered into a hall where dinner was served while the awards for the top 3 ranking companies in each category were announced. The awards are structured around three categories consisting of company size for the recognition: small, medium, and large. While medium and large firms have the challenge of winning over a larger number of people within their organization, small companies have their own challenge: dissenting voices have a louder voice. You may have 18 employees who absolutely love the company and mission, but just 1 or 2 disgruntled employees giving a bad review could be enough to exclude your company from the list. Getting on stage for recognition as a top 3 company in your category means that everyone in your firm not only stands behind the mission but believes in the company as well. 

Turnover in any company is challenging, but the staffing industry provides a unique test, if only because staffing recruiters tend to be hired by larger companies. Many people get into staffing with the hopes of moving into a corporate HR role. In our four years of recognition as a Best Company, we have had many people leave and new people join. In this way the culture of a company changes. However, if your firm has a strong identity, a great environment, and a clear mission, change can serve as an agent of creativity and energy. 

We are honored to be recognized by our employees as a Best Company to Work For in Seattle. We are left speechless by our award of 2nd place in the small business category for 2019. It’s a great validation that as a company, a symbol that we are on the right track. As our controller Craig Breedon likes to say, “I don’t go to work anymore. I get to go to Parker.”





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