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What contract jobs have moved to remote, work from home?

Want to work remote?

Sure, working from home has its difficulties, but if you need work now, it doesn’t mean you have to go into a warehouse to find it. With the news that technology companies and universities will be conducting their work and classes remotely for the foreseeable future, so too are the contract jobs that support them. 

Customer Service Representative Work From Home Jobs

Initially, the first contract jobs to go remote were the ones that were already being done at home. Customer Service Representatives operate from their home offices across the country. They are used across all industries, but especially now for industries whose customers have been severely affected. Think banks for people with loans outstanding or airlines with flight cancellations. Similarly, support roles that are not customer-facing have been going remote as well. These are jobs that are integral to the function of a company but don’t require in-person work. Medical systems are keeping their medical billers and patient reps at home to cut down on the risk of infection. 

Remote Work Job Openings

The next wave of “remote” work is not technically remote but are the roles that support the remote workers. IT specialists have been able to do their jobs from anywhere, but at some point have to go to the location to fix a network error or replace a server. Financial institutions need documents and packages delivered between their locations to keep the money moving – while you aren’t at home, your office becomes the confines of your vehicle as you go from branch to branch. 

Office and Administrative Home Offices

Finally, we are beginning to see traditional office and administrative roles transition to a remote workforce as well. Companies are adopting technologies that allow for electronic signatures and schedulers are having to adapt to the new normal of setting up complex meetings over a virtual setting. 

Interested? We have collected our list of job opportunities that allow this type of remote work. The list will automatically updated as new remote jobs become available, so check the page frequently.

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