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What to Wear to an Interview Where Employees Wear Jeans

Often in workplaces up here in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find a more relaxed environment – jeans, hoodies… very Zuckerberg chic. Though it’s not the case for every workplace, many Seattle startups and local technology giants (your Amazons & Microsofts) find that comfort trumps refinement in the dress code. However, when you have an interview at a place famous for its lax dress code, how should you dress? 

Deciding what to wear to an interview like this is a fine line. Dress too formal and you may give off a vibe that doesn’t match the company’s culture. Dress too informal, and they may think you’re not taking the job interview (or the hiring manger’s time) seriously. The solution? Business Casual. 

What is Business Casual in Seattle? 

Look to celebrities like Ryan Gosling or blogger Young, Polished & Professional for inspiration on what could be deemed business casual in an urban workplace like Seattle. One thing is for certain – if you’re interviewing, just leave the jeans at home. Unless you have explicit instructions from your recruiter to wear jeans, always opt for nice slacks or a pencil skirt instead. 

If you need additional inspiration, here are a few of our favorite Pinterest boards highlighting business casual wear for the workplace: 

When In Doubt, Ask Your Recruiter 

If you’re not sure if a suit jacket may be a touch too formal for your interview, don’t hesitate to reach out to your recruiter. At Parker, we really learn the ins-and-outs of our client companies, hiring managers, and what they prefer to see from a candidate. Odds are, our team can steer you in the right direction, helping you confidently decide on the most appropriate outfit for your upcoming interview.

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