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Why Move to Seattle? We’ve Got 5 Great Reasons in this Infographic

Maybe you’ve been thinking about moving for quite some time now. Perhaps you’re fed up with the hot, arid weather of Arizona, or maybe the lack of major league sports teams in Alabama or Rhode Island are leaving you unfulfilled… Or possibly, you’re feeling frustrated with higher unemployment rates in New Mexico, Mississippi or Alaska. With a world so vast, thinking about all of the options you have when choosing a new location can be intimidating – or at the very least, a little bit of a headache. Well, good news! There is a pocket of perfection right here in the Pacific Northwest: Seattle, and it’s actually seen an influx of newcomers in recent years.  But you may be asking us: Why move to Seattle?

Thanks to local resources like Visit Seattle, Seattle Citizens for Off-Leash Areas (COLA), and King 5 News, we were able to put together this infographic to highlight five of our favorite reasons why Seattle is certainly a city worth moving to! From the legendary BEASTQUAKE to our lower than low unemployment rate, we cover some of the greatest PROs for the Emerald City, though we do have some honorable mentions like the world-famous Pike Place Market and Seattle’s delicious eats (including, all of Tom Douglas‘ and Renee Erickson‘s restaurants). Check out the entire infographic below, and if you feel like sharing this piece on your blog or website, scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to find an easy-to-copy embed code.

So… Why Move to Seattle? Allow us to answer that for you!

Why Move to Seattle - Here's 5 Good Reasons


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