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Why Should I Use LinkedIn? It Houses Industry and Company Knowledge

Following last week’s “Why Should I Use LinkedIn?” tip, you may have considered finally making your own LinkedIn account. Once you have your account and build out your profile, there are many ways LinkedIn can come in handy. Two great resources, often underutilized are LinkedIn Company Pages and LinkedIn Groups.


Every single person can think of at least two or three companies they would love to work for. Some pine after opportunities at Starbucks. Others might jump at the chance for a job at Nintendo. Bottom line: We’ve all had a wish list in our back pocket, and the chance to interview for one of these companies would be exhilarating! But… what’s the most effective way to prepare?

Believe it or not, looking over LinkedIn Company Pages can give you an inkling into a company’s culture, their latest job openings, product and/or service offerings and community involvement. A company’s LinkedIn Page is the perfect place to start when it comes time to research and prepare for an interview. Similar to Facebook, you can “follow” your favorite companies on LinkedIn. Once your account is created, we encourage you to start following some of your favorite companies so that you can have their updates come directly to your LinkedIn homepage newsfeed.

Here are few of our favorite LinkedIn Company Pages from the Puget Sound area:

…Yes, we said Parker, too! In addition to showing off our company culture, we often post the latest job openings in the Puget Sound region. Trust us, we’re nice to have on your LinkedIn newsfeed.


Some of the best career advice you can get is from people who are already well into the career you want, and some of the best places to find those nuggets of advice are LinkedIn Groups. There are LinkedIn Groups for just about every career out there, so odds are, with a quick search, you will find like-minded folks who have walked in your shoes. These groups are typically saturated with discussions, content sharing and networking (but we’ll save the topic of networking for another day!), making it easy to either jump right into the conversation or sit back and soak up some insights from others.

Here are our favorite LinkedIn Groups for some of the positions we staff:

Well, it looks like you have some research to do! Make sure you check back next week when we reveal our next “Why Should I Use LinkedIn?” Tip!

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