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Parker Contractor, William Jarrett Says Sharing Happiness is Key to Customer Service Success!

You can call Parker contractor, William “Willie” Jarrett, a Customer Service Wizard. In 2015, William started with Parker as a Consumer Service Representative at Nintendo of America. With his friendly, personable demeanor and his determination to always do better, Willie won over customers one phone call at a time.

Since October 2016, Willie has been working in a new customer service role with our client, Invitation Homes. We were able to take some time to speak with him briefly about his latest role, his overall experience working with Parker, and advice for fellow professionals to achieve customer service success.

// Hi Willie! Thanks for agreeing to speak with us. Can you tell us a little bit about the most recent role you were placed into by Parker?

The role is call center representative for Invitation Homes. I handle calls from consumers that want or are looking to rent homes from the company.

// That’s great! We’re sure your experience at Nintendo certainly helps you excel now, too. What do you feel your greatest strengths are?

That I can adapt to any situation big or small. Also learning new things with a new job or when there is a change in the job I am currently working. I am engaging and always open to helping anyone out.

// Those are all really important qualities to have as a CSR. So, having relocated once from West Virginia, can you share any tips about moving to the Seattle region?

Yes, always make sure you have a job waiting for you upon moving to a new location. It isn’t impossible to find a job but it does take time so plan ahead.

// We agree – planning ahead is the most important thing! We know this is your second position through us (first at Nintendo, then Invitation) – what do you like about working with a temp agency like Parker?

They will understand and work with what job you want to be happy with. I love Parker for that. They are forward with helping you out and being open with them is a great way to find the best job for you.

// Thanks for the kind words, Willie! We’re glad we could offer a positive job search experience for you. We just have one last question for you. If anyone else reading this is in a Customer Service career, what’s the best piece of advice you have about succeeding in this field?

No matter what life throws at you. Be happy and share that happiness with others. It helps customers, even the grumpiest ones, have a good day if you put a smile on their face.

What a positive note to end on! Thank you again, Willie, for taking some time to interview with us and for sharing your customer service success story! We wish you all the best in this current position with Invitation Homes, and we can’t wait to continue to work with you in the future!


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