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Why Seattle College Graduates Should Utilize Staffing Services

Congratulations Seattle college graduates! You’re finally taking the next step in life’s path. You’re trying to get a job, and are ready to bring value to a company. How can you differentiate yourself and avoid the dreaded “resume black hole” when applying online?

The Answer Lies with Staffing Companies

When you work with top-notch staffing companies, it means you have an advocate. You have someone to help with leg work and promote you where it counts – in front of hiring managers. A good recruiter will help you fine-tune your resume, coach your interview style, and get you in front of hiring managers directly. Your recruiter will communicate with you every step of the way, always with your best interests at heart.

You may question when the right time to utilize a staffing company might be, but honestly, any time is the right time! Staffing firms are great for any of the following situations for Seattle college graduates (and more!):

  • Graduates looking for your very first fulltime role in a corporate office
  • Graduates who are moving to the Seattle area and are looking for leads that fit their skill set
  • Graduates seeking a short-term seasonal contract to beef up their resume
  • Graduates testing the water in different positions until they better define their career direction

Now that you know why and when to partner with staffing firms, figure out which is the right fit. There are multiple firms out there, many that specialize in staffing certain types of roles in industries like finance/accounting, marketing/creative, and information technology. Here, we specialize in four types of staffing for the Seattle area:

  • Administrative / Clerical
  • Executive Assistants
  • Human Resources
  • Call Center / Customer Service

Above all else, make sure you find a staffing company that fills roles that match your skill set. The best firms have an attentive and responsive recruiting team, and a multitude of job listings. Look for companies with opportunities being offered on a semi-weekly basis.

Think We’re a Match? Parker Can Help You Make the Next Step

If you have skill sets in the types of roles we offer, Parker would love to help you during your post-collegiate job search. At the end of the day, we have two goals here at Parker:

  1. To place you in a position you love that will provide you with relevant experience to help you achieve your professional goals.
  2. To find the perfect client-contractor match to help both parties succeed with each contract, contract-to-hire, or direct hire opportunity.

You can think of us as your career coach; we can set you up for success. If you’re interested in working with Parker to help you find a position in the Puget Sound, check out our jobs here.

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